Computing Resources


The Computational Biology / Chemistry / Biomathematics Group maintains a large and diverse set of computing resources. Resources fall under three major categories: Parallel Computing, Visualization, and Peripherals.



SGI OriginSGI systemsSGI Octane and O2MonitorDell PrecisionApple



Visualization Facilities

Dell Precision 470, 620 and n690

Apple PowerMac  and Mac Pro

SGI O2 and Octane2 workstations

Parallel Computing Facilities

  • Appro 72 processors Linux Cluster
  • SGI Altix3700 Bx2, 96 X Intel Itanium2 1.5GHz CPUs
  • SGI Origin350 Server, 24 X R16000 800MHz CPUs
  • SGI Origin300 server, 8 X R14000 600MHZ CPUs
  • SGI Origin3200C Cluster, 40 X R12000 400MHZ CPUs
  • SGI Origin300 Server, 32 X R10000 700 MHZ CPUs
  • SGI 1450 Servers, each with 4 X PIII Xeon 700 MHZ CPUs



Peripheral Facilities

  • IBM Tape Library
  • Fax and Scanner
  • B/W and Color Copiers
  • B/W and Color Printers