Computing Resources


The Computational Biology / Chemistry / Biomathematics Group maintains a large and diverse set of computing resources. Resources fall under three major categories: Parallel Computing, Visualization, and Peripherals.





Visualization Facilities

Dell Precision 470, 620 and n690

Apple PowerMac  and Mac Pro

SGI O2 and Octane2 workstations

Parallel Computing Facilities

  • Appro 72 processors Linux Cluster
  • SGI Altix3700 Bx2, 96 X Intel Itanium2 1.5GHz CPUs
  • SGI Origin350 Server, 24 X R16000 800MHz CPUs
  • SGI Origin300 server, 8 X R14000 600MHZ CPUs
  • SGI Origin3200C Cluster, 40 X R12000 400MHZ CPUs
  • SGI Origin300 Server, 32 X R10000 700 MHZ CPUs
  • SGI 1450 Servers, each with 4 X PIII Xeon 700 MHZ CPUs



Peripheral Facilities

  • IBM Tape Library
  • Fax and Scanner
  • B/W and Color Copiers
  • B/W and Color Printers