WoW Questionnaire


Please answer the 16 queries in sections I, II, and III as completely as you can, and the 10 in sections IV as much as you have time for.


[this will help us analyze the responses and contact you to speak at the next meeting or to clarify responses; fill in whatever you feel comfortable with]

University/Organization :
Country of Birth:
Age (or age bracket):

I. Evaluate the First WoW Meeting

1) Describe what the first WoW meeting meant to you.

2) Which of the invited speakers expressed most of your career concerns and why?

II. Tell Us About Yourself

3) Why did you go into science?

___ Your parents (and/or other family members) directed you to it
___ You love science
___ You just ended up in science
___ Other (explain)

4) List your four major career-related issues/concerns in descending order of importance (e.g., mentorship, balancing work and family, job opportunities, money, job demands, etc.)

[We are trying to identify issues for WoW meetings]

1 ___
2 ___
3 ___
4 ___

5) Do you have a mentor to turn to regarding professional advice? If so, how satisfying is this relationship. How might it be improved?

6) Do you have a sympathetic and understanding family member to whom you can turn to regarding professional advice?

7) Who do you turn to when things aren't going well between you and your supervisors?

8) What do you LIKE about academia?

9) What do you HATE about academia?

10) Do you see yourself in academia ten years from now?

11) In a typical week, how do you spend your waking hours? (Specify %)

___ Work
___ Family/Friends
___ Hobbies (sports, art, etc.)
___ Other

12) Describe some of your extra-curricular activities.

III. Make Suggestions

13) How might woman science students prepare better for entering in the job market?

14) How do you build confidence in your work and in your prospects for a future career in science?

15) How might male faculty and students be made more aware of the different circumstances facing female students/faculty?

16) If you were an NYU dean, what might you do to improve the situation at NYU for junior women in science?

IV. Reflect

17) Do you think there is a gender-specific approach to science (e.g., with respect to individualism versus team work)?

18) Do you ever feel it is easier to talk to a member of the OPPOSITE gender about professional and/or personal issues?If so, why do you think that is?

19) Do you perceive any difference in the way male professors treat male and female students of science? How about female professors?

20) Do you think that women are more perceptive than men while men are more rational than women? If so, might it be the reason that fewer women than men are in science?

21) Do you think that success for women (as judged by the woman or by society) refers to achievements in both career end family, while for men it focuses on career?

22) Do you think it is fulfilling for a woman to marry a successful man than to strive to be successful herself?

23) Do you think it is acceptable for a woman to quit her job and stay home caring for children?

24) Would you accept your husband's offer to quit his job and stay home caring for children while you work?

25) What aspects of past and present culture and education, either covertly or overtly, have discouraged young girls from entering areas of scientific study?

26) Assuming cultural norms have made the road more difficult for women to enter scientific study, what changes have taken place to replace those norms, and how can we establish even greater changes?